Princess Kate and Prince William in Royal Wedding Attire

This was thrown together for the 2011 Dragon*Con Zombie Prom. After the royal wedding, I thought it would be fun to attend as William and Kate (complete with my Sister-in-Law as Pippa!).
Since i didn’t have time to make a couture royal dress two weeks before D*Con, the wedding dress was purchased from Goodwill and altered to have her famous lace sleeves. Lace was cut and appliqu├ęd to create the effect. Prince William’s coat was made via a civil war pattern and heavily adored with patches, sashes and trim. The pants were purchased and the “bloodstripe” was added with bias tape.


I actually only have a few pictures from the actual event. Unfortunately, I learned a very important Zombie lesson: always tint your teeth! Zombies did not have pearly whites as evidenced in these pictures. Zombie Fail!

zombie prom one

zombie prom 2

and finally, Princess Kate and Pippa sneaking up on Prince William when he was buying a MARTA ticket.


Please note the Prince William didn’t want to wear his Royal Wedding pants and opted for khaki shorts *sigh*

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