Inara’s Shindig Dress from Firefly

This is the lovely Inara’s dress from the Shindig episode of Firefly:

and my version:

I’ve only worn this dress once, for the 2010 Dragon*Con Whedon Costume Contest and I won Best of Show!! My first big time costume award!

Judge's Choice award

The top was drafted by me, but I can’t wait to improve upon the design and maybe make it a tad longer. The screenshots I used from the show did not show the seam placements, so i had to guess.

The skirt fabric was the most challenging. I ordered a heavily embroidered silk and added the rope embroidery to the hem myself. I also attached hundreds of pearls and rhinestones to the entire skirt. It was quite an undertaking.

Here is a closeup of my crazy embroidery addition:

largeversionemboidaryclose up
The Bollywood jewelry was found on ebay and pictures of the real jewelry can be found at the Costumer’s Guide.

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