Gone with the Wind Scarlett’s Curtain Dress

I had to recreate one of the most iconic dresses in film history!

I used the discontinued pattern Butterick 4051 as a base but modified the pattern to be more screen accurate.

A huge amount of materials were used:

-14 yards of 54in dark green velour at $5 per yard from a Drapery store’s after Christmas sale. I used every inch of it too!
– 4 yards of dark green poly costume satin for lining
– 6 yards of 54in light green velveteen
– 6 yards of light green broadcloth.
– 1.5 yards of heavy duty hook and eye tape
– 1/2 yard of hook and eye tape with smaller hooks
– grosgrain ribbon for the waistbands
– 2 large skirt fasteners.
– 3 yards of gold bullion fringe
– purchased 6 boned steel hoop skirt


This dress is HEAVY and requires a very strong steel hoop as support. It is also extremely hot and I can only stand to wear it for short periods of time. There is NO WAY that Scarlett could have worn this on the streets of Hot-Lanta!

Here I am playing a game of graces:

cress playing graces in curtain

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